Sno Jo Radio Episode 018

Another edition of eclectic tunes for your head. You are listening to episode number eighteen of This episode brings you some nice ambient, downtempo, electronic tunes to soothe your head! That’s what this music is, is music for your head and I appreciate you listening! If you produce music and would like me to play your music, send me a link to your stuff! If you like what you hear and would like to donate, do so by clicking the new ‘Donate Button’ on the left or at least tell a friend about SnoJo Radio and thanks for listening!!!

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Intersection 2060 – on Organic Circuitry – by Phobosphere
Roscoe – on Stopstarting – by Scanner
A Sigh Becomes A Thousand Tree – on Visionary Sessions – by Weed
Planetarium – on Day – by Klavar
Waiting To Be Born – by Spheric Lounge
Evening – on Museum – by Zircaplanet
Royal Peppermint Forest – on Sunbox – by Kiln
Geothermal – on I Need To Know – Geothermal – by Radian
ETG – on Flux For Life – by Mimosa
Echo Mover – by Black Adam
Chimera – on Grounded In Existence – by Stewart Walker
Blind Leading The Blissed – on Post Haze – by B6
Planting Seeds – on Frequency – by Ten Story Relapse

Sno Jo Radio Episode 005

My fifth edition of my all music podcast continues with songs from various artists in a downtempo kind of chill feel and also some good beats. Relax, put your headphones on, put it on at your next gathering, have a listen and enjoy! Whew, now I am done migrating my shows from Mevio and will give you new listeners (hopefully) a chance to catch up on the tunes while I put together the next show. Thanks for listening!!!

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Boundaries – on Tiny Blue Biosphere – by Rhian Sheehan
Hapiness – on Hapiness – by Levan vs Ekala
Hollow – 0n Exceptionally Remixed 3 – by Culprit 1
Fahrvergnuegen – on Nomore News – by Mbc
Those Days – on Exceptionally Remixed 3 – by Cloud
Stafftophill – on For Those About To Dream – by Amahla
Close To me – by Secrets
Momento especial – on Victoria Lounge Sound – by Mentaliz
Fyrepond – on Dusker – by Kiln
Embrace – by 37Hz
Fite Nite – on Fite Nite EP – by Nogoodnik
Lets F*** – on No Way Home – by Staedler&Waldorf

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