Sno Jo Radio Episode 061

Thanks for coming by the Sno Jo Radio Podcast. You are listening to episode number sixty one of Bringing you more eclectic and complex grooves for your head! If you produce music and would like me to play your music, send me a link to your stuff or a MP3 track! Also, if I have played one of your tracks, send me an intro and I’d be happy to play it on future shows! If you like what you hear and would like to donate, do so by clicking the new ‘Donate Button’ on the left and I thank those that have. The Sno Jo Radio Music Podcast is now on ITunes and also on Stitcher. Click the links on the left sidebar and search for Sno Jo Radio and you’ll find it! I also have a show page on Facebook, please “like” my show by clicking the Facebook show page on the right sidebar. You can now leave a voicemail on my new comment line 888-588-8837, and please subscribe and tell a friend about SnoJo Radio and thanks for listening!!!

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The Long Nosed Bandicoot – on Inside the Voice Inside – by Pete Ardron
Datter(Bam Spacey’s Desert Air mix) by CHLLNGR
Thrill You – by Chaim
Brasilia – on Running In Order EP – by Culprit 1
Coldfire – by Ocean Shiver
Walk Away – by Mavro
Breathing – on Turning Inside – by Christophe Goze
You’ll Never Know – by Popeska
Walkin’ On Water – by ENiGMa Dubz
Empty Landscape – by Ocean Shiver
Turan Blu – on Assemblage: 01 – by Hugo Allen
Bring It Back(Maya Jane Coles Remix) – by Franck Roger
Serenade – on Dark Side of Pop by Vortex Rikers
Nexus – on Assemblage: 01 – by Peter de Leon
Higher Ground – on Even Angels Cast Shadows – by Omni Trio

Sno Jo Radio Episode 005

My fifth edition of my all music podcast continues with songs from various artists in a downtempo kind of chill feel and also some good beats. Relax, put your headphones on, put it on at your next gathering, have a listen and enjoy! Whew, now I am done migrating my shows from Mevio and will give you new listeners (hopefully) a chance to catch up on the tunes while I put together the next show. Thanks for listening!!!

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Boundaries – on Tiny Blue Biosphere – by Rhian Sheehan
Hapiness – on Hapiness – by Levan vs Ekala
Hollow – 0n Exceptionally Remixed 3 – by Culprit 1
Fahrvergnuegen – on Nomore News – by Mbc
Those Days – on Exceptionally Remixed 3 – by Cloud
Stafftophill – on For Those About To Dream – by Amahla
Close To me – by Secrets
Momento especial – on Victoria Lounge Sound – by Mentaliz
Fyrepond – on Dusker – by Kiln
Embrace – by 37Hz
Fite Nite – on Fite Nite EP – by Nogoodnik
Lets F*** – on No Way Home – by Staedler&Waldorf

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