Sno Jo Radio Episode 040

Thanks for coming by the Sno Jo Radio Podcast. You are listening to episode number forty of Bringing you more eclectic and complex grooves for your head that I think you’ll enjoy once again! If you produce music and would like me to play your music, send me a link to your stuff or a MP3 track! Also, if I have played one of your tracks, send me an intro and I’d be happy to play it on future shows! If you like what you hear and would like to donate, do so by clicking the new ‘Donate Button’ on the left and I thank those that have. The Sno Jo Radio Music Podcast is now on ITunes. Just Search for Sno Jo Radio and you’ll find it! Send me a comment positive or negative, and please subscribe and tell a friend about SnoJo Radio and thanks for listening!!!

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Autumn Leaves – on Inner Gathering – by Stanislav Egorov
Deep Reflection – on Inner Gathering – by Hyperwind
Eye In The Cloud – by Ehecatl
Lose The Man – on Break Out – by Swanken
Come Back With The Love(Darren DuVall Remix) – on Break Out – by Swanken
Battle For Middle You – by Julio Bashmore
Butch Status – on mmeelloo ssttaarr EP – by Bombaman
Time To Change – on One Mystery Left – by Synergic
We Have Invisible Friends – on Hypercolor EP – by Eskmo
Babe – on North Dorm EP – by Evenings
Divinity – on Inner Gathering – by In Orbit
X-change – on Planet Earth EP – by Deepcutt
Somewhere Near – on Inner Gathering – by Algesis

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