Sno Jo Radio Episode 039

Thanks for coming by the Sno Jo Radio Podcast. You are listening to episode number thirty nine of Bringing you more eclectic and complex grooves for your head that I think you’ll enjoy once again! If you produce music and would like me to play your music, send me a link to your stuff or a MP3 track! Also, if I have played one of your tracks, send me an intro and I’d be happy to play it on future shows! If you like what you hear and would like to donate, do so by clicking the new ‘Donate Button’ on the left and I thank those that have. The Sno Jo Radio Music Podcast is now on ITunes. Just Search for Sno Jo Radio and you’ll find it! Send me a comment positive or negative, and please subscribe and tell a friend about SnoJo Radio and thanks for listening!!!

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Permanent Touch – on Gute Luft – by Thomas Fehlmann
Tarantula(Original Mix) – by Pleasurekraft
4and20 – on Mysterious Nights V.01 – by Citral
Never Before 70 Cities – by Elektromaticsound
The Journey – on The Journey – by Archie JD
Less Is More – on Less is More, So High – Single – by Dr Rex
Tribalounge – on Tribalounge – by L.O.B.
The Last Airbender (original Mix) – on Mysterious Nights V.01 – by Smoke Sign
Painted Sky(6am remix by codex) – by Seba
Photon Pulse – on Six Minute City – by Modcam
Vitaim Vais – on Mythematica – by Mythematica
Good Enough For You – on Deep Streams Vol.2 – by Himan
Hypnotic – by Michael Paterson & Warner Powers
The Last Mughal – on The Last Mughal – by James VoOrs

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